About me
& how I bend time

Hi, I'm Sarah Cook

The Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms describes a smart cookie as

“…someone who is clever and good at dealing with difficult situations”.

I have been a PA and EA in the corporate world (with a brief stint in the NHS) for more than 25 years, working firstly in a regional utility company, then for the last 16 years in an architectural and surveying consultancy. This experience stretches across several sectors including healthcare, education, housing, and local authorities.

So, what’s driven the launch of Smart Cookie VA?

I had been looking to work more flexibly for a while and the office closure during lockdown 2020 gave me the opportunity to work from home and think about my vision for my future. This, and the potential to gain more variety, led to the launch of Smart Cookie Virtual Assistant in May 2021.

A bit about me

I have a strong work ethic, a right first-time approach and enjoy just munching through tasks and making a difference for my clients. Discretion and integrity are important to me as supporting a business often involves handling confidential information, as are providing a professional and reliable service.

Outside work I help to run a local wine tasting society and have recently become an Ambassador for Jelly South West, hosting a local co-working venue for other small business owners and lone workers to network.

My idea of the perfect evening … a good detective book or crime thriller and a hot chocolate with a dash of Baileys, or a meal with friends.

Making life easy

I love helping people and making a difference by providing friendly and efficient support, taking pride in a job well done.

If your time is too valuable to be taken up with administration tasks, impacting your productivity and reducing the opportunity to maximise your business growth, let me sort it quickly and efficiently for you.

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